Dr. Wentworth

ChiropractorDr. Allen Wentworth was born in Atlanta, Georgia where he grew up with the love of sports and science. At a young age, he began lifting weights and eventually had over 40 national power lifting titles. He also won the only two bodybuilding contests which he ever entered, one being the Mr. Teenage Georgia. While Dr. Wentworth is a very accomplished athlete, he also is a member of Mensa which is an organization for people whose IQ is in the top 2% in the world!

As a child, Dr. Wentworth’s sister missed over a year of school because of a condition known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (jaw pain). After dentist, medical doctors and multiple pain medications, it was ultimately a chiropractor which rid her of this affliction. It was because of this that Dr. Wentworth decided to pursue a career as a Chiropractor.

When not healing patients, Dr. Wentworth enjoys working out with his son Brant and reading with his daughter Olivia as well as any activity which includes both of them.

Bethann Graham
BethannI was born and grew up in Orangeville, PA which is a quaint little town near the Pocono Mountains.  I was a very active child, always playing outside in the woods or down by the creek.  I loved to run, climb, bike, swim, sled and play outside whenever I could.  My second love was reading, and if I wasn’t outside I had my nose in one good book after another.  In high school, I ran cross country, played soccer and was a cheerleader too—all of which I continued in college outside of Philadelphia.  The only problem was that I was almost always in pain.  I rarely had headaches, but my low back hurt constantly ever since I can remember.  By the time I moved to Greenville SC after graduation from college in 1994, the pain had become almost unbearable.  For the next few years, I sought help from many different avenues, but never got much relief.  One chiropractor helped the pain a little, but I had to go constantly or the pain would return.  I finally concluded that my poor response to treatment was probably due to the fact that I have EDS III, a medical condition that is basically an over-elasticity of all connective tissues of the body.  I gave up all hope of ever being pain free, thinking myself to be “un-fixable”.  My active lifestyle ground to a halt.  Then my husband, Shane, met Dr. Wentworth at the 2004 Spring Home & Garden Show.  It took some strong convincing for me to try “yet another” chiropractor as all my previous experiences had failed.  But after my first adjustment, I was pain-free!!!  I really didn’t want to believe it at first, thinking the pain would soon return.  However a few months later, I was still pain free; and I had stopped going!  That was enough to convince my husband to give them a try, and he too became pain-free of migraines which had plagued him for years.  I began working for Advanced Chiropractic in November of that year and still love working here 9 years later.  Although I have held several positions in the office, my current position as Administrative Assistant allows me to continue to support the office I enjoy so much.  It is a pleasure to see other lives changed as drastically as mine was.  I no longer hurt, even after long car trips which used to be a nightmare for me.  Once again, I am active and loving it.  I currently enjoy running, Zumba, Cross Fit, enjoying my 2 girls, as well as yard-selling on the weekends.  And of course, a good book when I can find the time!


Christina McGahey  

chiropractic staffChristina McGahey grew up in Asheville, NC with a younger brother with whom she is very close to. After she graduated from Enka High School in Candler, NC, her family moved to Greenville, SC. She was married last September and has two beautiful children. Christina suffered with almost daily migraines for over 10 years and tried everything that conventional medicine had to offer. It wasn’t until she came to Advanced Chiropractic that she found relief. She now knows the value of Chiropractic care and has the pleasure of scheduling patients and seeing the impact that our treatments make in the lives of others. In her free time, she loves spending time with her kids and husband and just enjoying life. Christina is usually the first smiling face that you will see when you come to our office!

Kellie George

chiropractic staffKellie George was born and raised in Moore, SC. She was blessed with two loving parents and two brothers (one being her twin). In her youth she was part of a traveling clogging team and then became a competitive shagger, of which she and her twin brother still enjoy today. She played softball for Byrnes High School where she earned the All Region Player award and was a Five Star Letterman. Upon graduating, she received a softball scholarship playing at Spartanburg Methodist College where she earned her Associate’s of Arts Degree. She continued her education and softball career at the University of South Carolina Spartanburg earning her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with a concentration in Corporate Fitness. For the next ten years she worked in fitness and wellness settings helping others, which she thoroughly enjoyed. In 2010, she decided to return to school to pursue her Associate’s of Applied Science Degree in Therapeutic Massage where she graduated with honors. This path led her to Advanced Chiropractic where she has found her passion. She loves relieving the everyday stressors with Therapeutic Massage. She has also benefitted from the services provided by Dr. Wentworth which has improved her everyday life. Now, Kellie not only massages our patients, but she also educates our patients on our type of very specific, relaxing chiropractic care.