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Are you looking for cranial sacral therapy in Greenville? This particular form of therapy is used to work on the bones of the skull, the spine and the sacrum (tailbone). Cranial Sacral Therapy, otherwise referred to as craniosacral therapy, is used to help relieve pressure that is causing pain in the body.

Understanding Cranial Sacral Therapy in Greenville SC

The goal of cranial sacral therapy is to help the body return to its natural state. By doing this, the body is under less stress and projects less pain. This type of therapy can be beneficial for many conditions including:

•  Infant and childhood disorders
•  Fibromyalgia
•  Scoliosis
•  Neck and Back pain
•  Headaches and Migraines
•  TMJ Syndrome
•  And much more!

According to the National Headache Foundation, more than 38 million Americans experience migraines on a regular basis. Also, women are more prone to migraines. There are several types of triggers for migraines such as medications, skipped meals, poor nutrition, subluxations in the spine and poor sleeping patterns. Studies have also shown that patients receiving cranial sacral therapy sleep better and progressively experience fewer migraines. These results can last for weeks following the last session.

Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is also another relaxing technique that is used at Advanced Chiropractic of South Carolina. This is so relaxing because there are actually muscles on your scalp. The muscles on your scalp are what contribute to facial expressions. These muscles also carry a lot of tension and stress, especially if you are working on a computer for long periods of time.

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